Welcome to ‘The Missing Sock’, well there’s a story.

Take your shoes off and relax, have a browse around and you will find the answers you need. We exist to assist, assist those given the short straws, fair play for animal and planet. A mass of vegan and gluten free options.


We exist to assist, assisting those given

the short straws,

fair play for animal and planet.

We are not formal dining venue, we are about relaxation, mindfulness, interaction,

quality ingredients, organic and local where possible…..

and we are MAD, focused on Making-a-Difference

Browse our Menu and enjoy your meal




Gluten Free

The Missing Sock Torbay - Celebrations Platters


Celebration Platters

(2 minimum) it just keeps coming          £15pp

Leave it to our chefs to serve you a rolling supply of dishes from starter to dessert to full. Taste the very best of the Sock delights and more, includes a mocktail starter drink.

Tapas style sharing dishes typically in price range of £5-£7, we will source locally and organically where feasible but we are not purist, we are pleased to discuss our sourcing if interested and do our vey best to adapt for allergies, but please give us notice.


Classic Taco


with salsa, guacamole, refried beans,with cheese and sour cream options

The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Taco
The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Chakalahha

Chakhalakha(south african spicy beans)



Sock Dip (special)


large flat bread with mix dips and crudités

The Missing Sock - Menu Crudite Platter
The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Salad

Seasonal and Local Salad


salad bowl of the day


Indian Pakora


broccoli, mushrooms, courgettes and cauliflower coated in Gram flour (DF)

The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Indian Pakora
The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Humous with Olives

Collaboration Platter


A middle-east hummus olive medley from Palestine and Israel.


Ethiopian Stew Pot


sweet potato, butternut squash, peanut butter

The Missing Sock - Menu Ethiopian Stew
The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Cheesy Platters

Preston Sock


with cheesy option (V)  asparagus, spinach, mushroom, coconut milk, ginger garlic, parmesan option


The Hot Sock


Linda’s veggie curry of the day, chef style

The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Veggie Curry
The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Chicken with Lentils

The Chickenless Chicken Bake


Sarah Puffs secret lentil and butternut recipe with bread topping


Russian Pelmeni


gram flour dumplings with minced med vegetables

The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Russian Pelmeni
The Missing Sock Torbay - Menu Rice Noodles

*Rice Noodles


with housin sauce, pan fried peppers and tomato

Companion dishes include

sweet potato chunks

 Sweet Potato Chunks (OB) tossed in oil olive and coconut

potatoe wedges

Potato Wedges

steamed black rice

Steamed Black Rice – the secret food of kings

prawn crackers

*Prawn Crackers and Tacos – with dip selection



Home-made selection of Desserts, Cakes and pastries


Worried about not liking something, no worry, if it not eaten, we discreetly deduct from bill.


We welcome anyone who has time and good intent to make social impact, come and join our team to develop tMS and serve community projects, host our Social Enterprise hub, help pioneer the first KindaKonference at Preston Sands in October or a  2018 KindaFestival. Or just help serve coffee and interact with our guests to encourage Social impact in Torbay.


A statement of awareness from our Founder Trustee…

I personally pledge my support and respect for those dedicated to promoting Vegetarian and Vegan diets, and share their respect for animal life, but I also value the importance of inclusion in our work, I see my own occasional craving for meat and its enjoyment as both a weakness and an asset, an opportunity to lead gradual change by example, an opportunity to share my late life learning in conscious  meat consumption, ethical sourcing, animal suffering and environmental consequences.

 I can best serve the vegan movement by non-obsession, by using my own standing to influence tMK food venues.  Promoting the wisdom and splendours of vegetarian and vegan food as the norm, not the exception. By demonstrating mindful sourcing of meat and fish we can ease the way forward without exclusive thinking or prejudice….…Wishing you enough, Hugh. 

The Missing Sock Torbay

A quirky restaurant with amazing views across Torbay